Big Brother The Chase: Hakeem & Fatima Evicted

Obviously there will be only 1 winner at the end of the day in the Big Brother house. Everyone is in for the final cash and every week will bring with it the heartbreak of eviction. It never ceases to amaze me when people cry over another housemate leaving because they are friends, a bit pretentious if you ask me because fact is, it is a competition and if people leave you behind, it only draws you closer to the final and to the money right? Well this evening was another teary goodbye as the housemates said good bye to Fatima and Hakeem amidst tears. Hakeem who had been put up by Head of House Melvin could not believe it when he learnt he had been evicted. With Hakeem out of the game, we cannot help but wonder what will become of Cleo whom he married during the week in an emotional Big Brother wedding. We hope she doesn’t end up trying to catch any other male housemate while her lover is out there watching. He admitted to IK on stage that he and Cleo were as real as it gets but he cannot say exactly what will happen to them after Big Brother because he is waiting for her to help him decide. Melvin was uncontrollable as he said he thought Africa would save him. Fatima on the other hand did not appear too affected although evicted before Hakeem. She came out with a smile and a funky pink doo. She was very real as she told her fellow housemates to chill out with the drama of her eviction. It was her first time on the eviction list and sadly she got axed. Fatima has been the main distraction when it comes to Elikem and Pokello’s relationship. How will that hold now that she leaves?