Public Cautioned Against "Tips"

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP), Kofi Boakye the Western Regional Police Commander, has pledged to deal with any personnel caught taking bribe or tip from drivers on the roads. Giving the warning during a meeting of personnel and some drivers on the Regional Police Administration Traffic Enforcement Exercise at Takoradi on Wednesday, he said, such personnel would be arrested and sanctioned appropriately. A complaintsí committee comprising the Police and representatives of the various unions was formed at the meeting to tackle issues arising from the traffic enforcement exercise. DCOP Boakye said: "Any policeman seen taking money from members of the public on the sidelines would be arrested," adding the person who gave the money was also guilty. He said traffic laws were to be obeyed and that the Police would strictly enforce the laws not as a punishment but to protect life and property. DCOP said only personnel of the Motor Transport Traffic Unit (MTTU) of the Ghana Police Service were authorized to check "car papers" including licence, insurance and road worthy certificates and personnel of the unit must be in the approved top white outfit when doing so. He said any Policeman not wearing the outfit of the MTTU should not enforce traffic laws. DCOP Boakye advised commercial drivers against going on strikes and demonstrations to force the Police to relax the traffic enforcement exercise. He said those who wanted to go on strike could do so and park their vehicles at the lorry stations without forcing other drivers to follow suit.