I Can Do Both English And Twi Movies” - Kofi Adjorlolo

Despite his heavy presence in English language movies, popular actor Kofi Adjorlolo says that he is more drawn to Twi movies these days than any other. After three Twi movies, Adjorlolo told Showbiz last Thursday that he is out to do more Twi movies to prove to Ghanaians that indeed he is versatile. “Most people think because I am an Ewe I can only do English movies but I want to prove a point that I can do both English and Twi movies.” The 58 year old actor said. According to him, people have the notion that once you do Twi movies then you are “local” but that is very wrong. “I admire Nana Ama McBrown a lot for her versatility, any actor who is able to do both English and Twi movies is the best. Those people who say Twi actors are local people do not know what they are talking about”. He conceded that, Twi actors make more money than their English language counterparts actors because of the sheer numbers that are produced adding that Twi movies are also preferred to the English ones both in Ghana and outside Ghana. Known for movies such as Heart Of Men, Princess Tyra, Love and Politics, Mission for Justice and Life, Kofi Adjorlolo explained that although the quality of the Twi movies cannot be compared to the English ones, the Twi movies often have very great storylines that are better than the English ones. About how he turned to Twi, Kofi Adjorlolo explained that, he was very excited when one producer, Baffour Wiah, from Kumasi called him to try a role in one of his movies. “I didn’t waste the opportunity; I played along so well that the producer as well as the other cast in the movie were impressed with me the first time. Since then, I have decided to combine both the English and the Twi movies” the father of three said. However, Kofi Adjorlolo’s problem has to do with speaking Twi fluently. According to him, he is still trying very hard to get some pronunciations right since he is not an Akan. “I find it difficult if I am to use a proverb in Twi so I find myself running to Agya Koo, Mercy Asiedu or Katawire for certain words I may not be able to express properly but I know with little time, I know I will get there”. Kofi Adjorlolo stated that any actor who says by doing Twi movies he or she is lowering the standard is not a good actor. “If me an Ewe man is trying his best to do Twi movies, I wonder what the English language actors who speak Akan are doing” he asked.