We Need Irrigation Dams - Afienya Farmers

Some farmers in the Greater Accra Region are appealing to government to construct irrigation dams to reduce their over-reliance on rainfall. According to the farmers, they are likely to record low yields since it did not rain as expected. Some farmers at Mobole, a suburb of Afienya in Accra, in an interview with Citi News lamented that they have low anticipation of a possible bumper harvest this year. “If the rains don’t fall, it becomes very difficult for us because normally, when you apply the manure, you need to get enough rain for it to do well. So when the rains are not coming it worsens the situation,” one of the farmers, Gabriel Doku said. He also added that apart from the natural rains, they “don’t have any other means of irrigation” therefore they the provision of irrigation dams will enable them produce more for export and domestic use.