Don’t Buy Food Under High Tension Poles

“Your Neighbourhood” (YN) Community newspaper can report of an impending health risk at the main Madina Market lorry station due to the careless sale and consumption of food right under high tension electricity poles. A visit to the above station uncovers some food vendors selling kenkey and waakye to ignorant customers who sit directly under these electricity poles to eat their meal. Most of the customers of these traders are passengers, drivers and some Madina inhabitants. So dire is the situation that some of these traders and consumers take naps under these poles after a hard day’s work. A food vendor under one of these electrical poles, Hawa Seidu claimed innocence about the dangers of selling and consuming food under these high tension poles. “I have been selling here for some weeks now and no one has said it is dangerous or anything,” she said. A driver by name Yaw Ntim, who was seen eating under the high tension pole, said that was the only appropriate place for them to buy and eat since the lorry station was under construction. Yaw Ntim however was hopeful that the food vendors would move to a more conducive place after the construction of the market stalls. Your neighbourhood