Youth Volunteerism Needed For Development - Minister

Mr. Clement Homado, Minister for Food and Agriculture, has said national progress would be better achieved, with the involvement of the youth through volunteerism. He said: "The spirit of volunteerism should be imbued into the youth, because it is the cornerstone of patriotism, and even national progress. Mr. Homado made the remarks at the President's Ball and Fund Raising Dinner Dance of the Rotary Club of Tema on Saturday. He said volunteerism was the driving force for Rotary Clubs the world over, adding, "the youth of today may not be inherently apathetic but rather, may need a little guidance to understand the need for volunteerism." In a speech read on his behalf by Mr. Nayon Bilijo, Minister for Fisheries and Aqua-Culture, Mr. Homado, said volunteerism helped in fostering national progress, even if resources were scarce. He said volunteerism could be an agent of social change, even in with little money." The Minister said Rotary Clubs seek to promote global peace and improve on leadership skills. Dr. Victor Yao Nyamalor, President of the Rotary Club of Tema, for 2013/2014, said the club would continue with uncompleted projects and initiate new ones. He mentioned community clean ups in the Tema municipality, supply of mattresses, beds and side lockers to the maternity bay at the Tema General Hospital, as some of the projects that the club would embarked upon this year. Dr. Nyamalor said a family health project had been initiated by Rotary International in collaboration with the Coca Cola Africa Foundation. He said the programme would mobilize Rotarians and partners worldwide to provide volunteerism, resource and support for vulnerable children and families in the developing world.