Incredible!!! – The Story Of Professor Mills And His House Boy

Professor John Evans Atta Mills was then a lecturer at the University of Ghana, Law Faculty. He had gone to town with one of his close friends. His friend saw his house boy on the streets and alerted Professor Mills. Professor Mills beckoned the house boy to come closer. When the house boy came closer to the car, Professor Mills asked calmly are the shoes you are wearing not mine? The house boy embarrassingly looked down at the shoes he was wearing as if he was seeing them for the first time. “Yes Sir, they are yours but I am very sorry” he said. Professor Mills said “Please remove them for me” and the house boy complied. Several weeks later, the friend visited Professor Mills and found the house boy still at work. In shock he turned to Professor Mills and asked “why is this boy still here” Professor Mills told his friend that making the house boy walk barefoot back to campus was humiliating enough and that he has learnt his lesson. Friends testify that the house boy eventually became one of the most loyal friends of Professor John Evans Atta Mills. The Insight