Samsung’s New ‘GIGA Sound’ Takes Music Experience To The Next Level

Samsung has introduced its latest Hi-fi component audio system, “GIGA Sound” in Ghana. This audio device which is set to redefine home entertainment has unique features to transform every music moment into a memorable one. “Get the party started with the Premium Hi-fi Component Audio System’s Beat Waving and 3D Beat Lighting. Visualise the high-wattage sound and experience superior sound quality of up to 3720 PMPO. See and feel the rhythm and beat through Beat Waving which illuminates the speaker in sync with the music. The 3D Beat Lighting also perfectly flashes lights and patterns that flow with the music, transforming any party place to the atmosphere of your favourite club” – said Mr. Richard Nunekpeku, the Marketing Manager for Consumer Electronics at Samsung Ghana. The Premium Hi-fi Component Audio System is also designed to give consumers the perfect opportunity to be the DJs of their own party making hosting parties at home easier than ever. The innovative DJ Beat function which has seven different effect modes some of which includes the ‘Flanger’, ‘Chorus’, ‘WahWah’ and ‘Panning’ makes mixing of the user’s favourite music very convenient. According to Mr. Nunekpeku, this function is easy to use and it is designed to give consumers the opportunity to freely control each effect to enhance the sound of the music and party. According to Mr. Nunekpeku, sports lovers are not left out as the Samsung GIGA Sound Mini Component System comes with innovative features which are designed to make consumers feel like they are in the midst of a cheering crowd at a football game. – “While the new Caster Equalizer enhances the clarity of each commentator, the Stadium Equalizer lets you experience all the shouts and cheers of the game from your living room, making you enjoy the game without the hassle of going there.” He said. The new GIGA Sound also provides its users with fast and flexible MP3 creation from a range of audio sources. With the built-in EZ MP3 Maker, consumers can make high-quality MP3 files via CD ripping or recording from FM radio and AUX input. With a suitable cable, they can even connect a turntable and transfer vinyl records into digital media. The USB CD auto change function also ensure there is never a break in music as it automatically switches between the CD and USB when music stops on either one. Still on the USB, Mr. Nunekpeku, explained that the new GIGA Sound reliefs consumers off the hassles in transferring the data from one USB drive to another. Stating that, the Samsung Audio System’s ‘Port to Port copy’ feature makes it convenient to transfer data between 2 USB drives without connecting any wires. The audio system also comes with a radio recording timer feature which allows an automatic recording of radio programs. “You can start recording at a particular time that you’ve set and record only for a certain length of time as you like, Samsung Audio System allows you the opportunity to enjoy all your favourite radio programs without being restricted by the fixed time of these programs – Mr. Nunekpeku noted. “This Premium Hi-fi Component Audio System is the perfect sound system for every music-loving individual as its powerful sound features ultra-high wattages that deliver an earth-shaking sound experience aimed at delivering mesmerizing sound that will bring you to your feet”, Mr. Nunekpeku added. He further assured customers that, the all new Samsung GIGA Sound is currently available at all authorized Samsung dealer shops across the nation