29th August Is Judgement Day

29th August, 2013, has been set aside by the Supreme Court as the final day to announce judgment. This was announced in Court on Wednesday after the nine-member panel of Judges, led over by Justice William Atuguba, sought clarifications from Counsel for the parties to the case. Justice William Atuguba set the tone for the agenda when he quizzed Counsel for the Petitioners, Mr. Philip Addison on the number of Pink sheets the petitioners sought to rely on. He then sought clarifications from Counsel for the Electoral Commission, James Quargshie Idun on the defense they put in on constitutional articles that back their operations. Next, was the Counsel for the first respondent, Tony Lithur. He was quizzed on arguments on face only verification. The Presiding Judge then sought to know from Counsel for the third respondent, Tsatsu Tsikata, key areas that bordered on legal precedence cited by him.