UN Commemorates World Humanitarian Day

With the theme "The World Needs More…" World Humanitarian Day was observed in a ceremony at the United Nations on the 19th of August. The day honours aid workers who have lost their lives in the line of duty. It also commemorates the 19th of August 2003 as the day 22 UN staff members were killed in a bomb attack on the Canal Hotel in Baghdad. UN personnel continue to face grave peril, says UN Secretary-Genereal Ban Ki-Moon. “Today, we honor the victims of the Baghdad bombing and 30 more colleagues who perished in the past 10 months alone. We also remember the thousands of other UN staff members who over the years have given their lives while serving peace – civilian, military and police personnel from the Secretariat, funds and programmes.” The Secretary-General says humanitarians are more than only soldiers – they include teachers, doctors, drivers, assistants, translators and more.