Joselyn Dumas For Upcoming Christmas Blockbuster

Popular TV host and actress Joselyn Dumas has been signed to star in an upcoming Christmas blockbuster movie titled, ‘The Northern Affair’. The movie which will be produced by Access Media’s Mabel Germain, is supported by Joselyn Dumas’ management Ifactory Live, headed by Michael Djaba. There are other influential names attached to the project who will be revealed very soon. The main mystery is who will be directing the picture. Although a director is attached, producers have remained tight-lipped about it. However, they have promised it is someone of repute and it is the reason the film has been tagged as the Christmas blockbuster. The movie is anticipated to be Joselyn’s biggest movie project this year in addition to her ‘Adams Apples’ series. She is not just playing a lead role in the upcoming movie but will also be the face of the project. Produces will also announce the budget of the movie very soon.