Nana/Bawumia Victory T-shirts A Ploy To Tarnish NPP

Our intelligence indicate that some unscrupulous opponents of the NPP have printed victory T-shirts with the embossment of Nana Akufo Addo and Dr Bawumia pictures. This would not wash! Let them rather spend their energies to intensify their prayers. The said T-shirts are not of the NPP. While, we cannot stop anyone from printing T-shirts, we only hope that this is not yet another reckless abuse of public funds. If the NDC is so certain of an Akufo-Addo victory in this election petition, then our only advice to them is to hold on to their stock of ‘victory’ t-shirts and release same after Thursday. The national peace council should also call the said journalist and media houses to order and ensure such provocative and wicked tricks are discouraged as the nation awaits this historic verdict. To all NPP supporters, we edge you to be calm, prayerful and ignore any diversionary tactics from our opponents, who are masters of communist inferior tactics. We will also urge our party supporters not to react to any form of provocation. Whether it is a doctored tape or any form of propaganda, seeking to pitch the NPP against the Supreme Court. The Battle is the Lord’s and the Lordships shall take a decision without fear or favour, one way or the other. Let us grant them the space and serenity to do so. SIGNED Richard Nyamah Fred Amankwah Sarfo John Kumah Richard Asante Yeboah