NPP Should Know “Lies” Don’t Bring About Electoral Reforms - Gen. Mosquito

After every election, it is likely electoral reforms would take place. Many are those who believe that the just-ended election petition at the Supreme Court would bring about massive change in any future general elections. But Mr. Johnson Aseidu Nketia disagrees with those who hold such an opinion. He argues that the petitioners went to court for power and not for electoral reforms so he finds it hard to understand them when they talk about reforms. As a person who has participated in almost every election held under the fourth republic, he explains that after every election, political parties meet the representatives from the Electoral Commission to decide on the process which need reforms. The idea, is to correct any identified electoral misconduct, Mr. Aseidu Nketia observed. “This brought an improvement and paved way for the use of transparent ballot boxes and pictures on ID cards in the 1996 elections”, he said. The NDC chief scribe established on OKAY FM that there was no way the petition filed by the petitioners would bring about any electoral reforms in the future. Taking a subliminal swipe at the petitioners, Mr. Aseidu Nketia stated that telling lies in court should not elude them to think electoral reforms would soon take place. “No political party should deceive the people that filing a petition at the court could bring about electoral reforms. Reforms have been going on all this while and it was not a decision by the court”, he warned.