I Will Produce My Own Movies Soon - Agya Koo

Surrounded by so many controversies lately, Ghanaian actor and comedian Kofi Adu popularly known as Agya Koo has stated his fears of been sidelined by major film producers in Ghana has heightened especially after staying off the scenes for a year. Agya Koo who has not acted in any major movie lately but for “Okomfo Anokye” alleged most movie producers he used to work with had intentionally decide to “kill” or end his career by not employing him in their latest productions as new productions he featured in have also been kept indoors by the producers. In an interview with Nydjlive, Agya Koo intimated he had heard grapevine information that most movie producers had had several meetings to sideline him but never believed until his demand by these producers dwindled. Speaking on the way forward as an actor, Agya Koo stated he had already purchased camera’s and the needed equipments to help him start his own productions and even better ones than the ones he had starred in. Touching on his fading popularity, Agya Koo stated it was never true he had lost his popularity despite a year absence on TV screens and said his absence has rather had a damaging result on movie producers as many people do not buy their movies now.