Ghana “Is A Banana Republic”; We’ve “No Economy” – Ken Kuranchie

Ken Kuranchie, Managing Editor of the Daily Searchlight, says Ghana has turned into a "banana Republic" under President Mahama's administration. According to him, the economy has been shattered due to the crisis confronting the nation, particularly the utility tariff increments. “It is banana Republic. There’s no economy in this country.” he said. Reacting to President Mahama's comments regarding the 10-day ultimatum issued by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) to the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC), Ken Kuranchie cautioned the President not to hide under the seeming inappropriateness of TUC’s call and ignore the reality. He wants to see President Mahama take action to remedy the energy situation in the country. “He should not go and seek protection under the conduct or misconduct of the TUC. Have you increased it or not? And with such increase, what are the repercussions? Will you reduce it or not?” To him, President Mahama has lost sight of good governance and as a result is running the economy down.