The Hope Of Ghana Lies In Faith-Rev Agbozo

Reverend Enoch Immanuel Agbozo, Leader of Ghana Evangelical Society (GES) on Sunday noted that the hope of the country lies in the faith of Christians. Rev Agbozo admonished all churches to be strong in faith, truth, trust and obedience and have hope in God for peace and development. He made the observation at a thanksgiving service to mark the 40th Anniversary of the GES in Accra on the theme: The Church and the Faith, the Hope and Glory for Ghana.” Rev Agbozo said there is a great future for the country and that God would continue to bless and protect the nation “provided we recognise Him and remain faithful to Him”. He said the society launched in April 1973 and inaugurated in October 1977 has emerged as a pioneer of non-denominational Apostolic Para-church ministry. He said the mission of the society came from the vision of God through revelation, commandment, instruction and direction. Rev Agbozo said the mission of the society “has created divine heritage of church and faith of foundational rock, backbone and spiritual mighty force of political, economic and social significance for the building and establishment of peace, stability and hope for the nation. Rev Frederick B Dadson, Assistant leader of the society said the GES had transformed many Christians by knowing and being obedient to the word of God. He said the society had played a significant role in evangelism, reconciliation, redemption and had been the home of revival in the country, raising many ministers, lay leaders and gospel workers and servants of God.