Balotelli�s Agent Regrets Bringing Him Back To Italy

When Mario Balotelli left Man City for Milan, he said the thing he disliked most about England was the press. They frequently made up stories about his personal life, but since returning to Italy it has been the same story in a different language. According to Balotelli�s agent, Mino Raiola, the latest false story was last week�s popular tale of Milan assigning an ex-cop to �tutor� Mario. From Football Italia: �There is no tutor for Mario, as this was another invention from Italian media,� blasted Raiola. �This story is ridiculous. Why can�t we just leave him alone like every other player? Why is the attention always on him? I�ve been with Mario for three days in a four-month period and suddenly I�m his tutor? �Milan never dared to propose a tutor and we would never accept one. If people keep saying this, I will sue. �When I took him to Manchester City, it was because I thought he�d suffer less of this pressure. Perhaps it was a mistake to bring him back to Italy.� Raiola�s exasperated comments did little to curtail the scrutiny on Balotelli, though. The very same day, news spread that Mario �crashed� his car into another at a traffic light without causing any damage to either, proving that there really is no limit to Mario�s magic.