Need We Say More?

The 2016 elections is about 37 months away and President John Dramani Mahama’s chances will depend on a number of factors. One is how he handles the investigations, recovery and prosecution of ALL those involved in the evasion of duties a la bonded warehousing to the tune of US$525,186,153.73. The Daily Dispatch newspaper should have continued with part two of our story - Prez. Mahama, Beware of Influence Peddlers but because of the Importance we attach to the need for the President to crack the whip on all those found to have been involved we will continue another time. There is the need to caution the President to warn those who are close to him, both officially and privately that those who are affected have started linking up, to find ways and means of putting sand in his gari. The President has, on many occasion, expressed his desire to improve the lot of the average Ghanaian; to make corruption unattractive and leaving a mark. He has also admitted that as for now, cash is hard to come by but if he has to recover all these monies, then his ‘thirst of funds’ would be temporarily solved. Reports we are having indicate that those who have been involved are offering to pay at least 50% of the amounts to certain persons (names withheld for now), for the government to go ‘soft’ on them. If President Mahama and his administration want to fulfill their promise of building 200 schools, improve access to healthcare; build roads and make a mark, he will have to advise himself. Need we say more?