Mobile Phone Sellers Appeal To Govt

Mobile phone sellers in Koforidua on Thursday appealed to the government to reduce the duty on mobile phones imported into the country. They told the GNA in interviews at Koforidua that due to the high duty at the port, phone dealers are compelled to increase prices of the phones which in turn reduce the demand for them as a result of the high prices. A mobile phone dealer who pleaded anonymity said “it is not as a result of fuel price increase but the huge duty and tax paid before clearance of the goods.” “Meanwhile we also need to increase the prices of the phones to break even so we can continue to stay in business,” he added. Frank Amoah, another phone seller, also expressed worry that sales had reduced and the situation was affecting their livelihood. He said demand for Nokia, Samsung and Techno phones which cost between GH˘150.00 to GH˘250 are very high, far exceeding the demand for Rlg and Aitel phones among others.“Moreover because we are in the computer age, most people have also developed interest in the use of IPAD and Tablets; the government should therefore help reduce the duty on the phones for us,” he said. When GNA interviewed some of the customers they said Nokia, Samsung and Techno phones are of high quality more than the other ones, hence people’s interest in buying them.