Don’t Blame Gov’t For Corruption But Church Leaders

The head pastor of Last Stop Prayer Camp at Kasoa-Broadcasting, Prophet Julius Atachie has stated that government is not to blame for the soaring corruption in the country, rather, if there is any blame it should be laid at the door steps of the church leaders. Prophet Atachie, speaking during a special church service for Ghana noted that it will be unfair for anyone to blame the National Democratic Congress government solely for the economic woes and leave the prophets and the clergymen behind because according to him corruption is now common in churches than any institution in Ghana. He explained that the church which is supposed to be the conscience of society, teaching people how to live an upright life has now turned to be a haven for immorality and all manner of detestable practices which largely have negative impacts on the economic as a whole, adding that some church elders even pocket tithe and offertory. “I do not see reason why we should blame only government for corrupt practices, what about those so called men of God who claim that they can help somebody to go to abroad and those ones who sell oil at one million cedis and over,” he quizzed. He was of the view that corruption is a socio-economic problem which needs to be tackled holistically without blaming any politician or the government of the day, be it NDC or the New Patriotic Party. The head Pastor of Last Stop prayer camp used Genesis chapter 6:11 to buttress his argument saying, corruption did not start today neither is it any government that brought corruption, according to him it started from the beginning of creation. “It is in the Bible and it started from the day that God created Adam and Eve and put them in the Garden of Eden and at the end they sinned against God by eating the forbidden fruit”, he said. According to him, he is not okay with previous regimes because of the way they handled corruption and its related issues because they have failed to take bold decisions to fight against corruption and punish anyone who is found culpable. He, however, charged colleague clergymen, especially, prophets to put a halt to prosperity preaching and campaign against corruption make the congregation know that corruption is a crime. “Ghana is going bad; life is unbeatable, all because of corruption because the money which is supposed to be used to benefit the masses is hoarded by corrupt officials.”