"I Don't Feel Comfortable For The Prez At All" - IMANI Boss

Decent workers or people who work to earn a living are no longer safe as the current state of our economy boxes them in unsafe environment, Mr. Franklin Cudjoe has observed. The Executive Director IMANI believes the nation is no longer safe for the few working classes who earn little capital from their sweat. According to him, on a daily basis, the ordinary Ghanaian gets to learn about avoidable rots in the current government. Officials in government appear only interested in expending the tax payer’s monies on unnecessary projects. Franklin Cudjoe further stated on Okay FM that government's inability to create jobs for the youth has left majority of discontent and prime to engage in social vices. Should the woes of the economy remain unresolved, Mr. Cudjoe envisages a future where the unemployed youth who constantly see ministers live opulent lifestyles, rise up against them and forcefully take over their belongings. “Ordinarily, people must be scared… just the car people drive now could make others attack them. I am scared something bad might happen to people who do decent jobs for a living... Not too long ago we heard about an attack on a Member of Parliament. I don’t feel comfortable for the president at all and don’t get why he is piling up problems without solving them”, he decried.