PHOTO: Victoria Hamah's Father...Says Daughter Is Doing Well

Mr John Alex Hamah, Ms Victoria Hamah’s father, has said that his daughter is doing well. Speaking to the Daily Graphic in a telephone interview, the veteran trade unionist and industrial and public relations consultant said, “What is happening is the dynamics of politics. But my daughter is doing well.” On what the future held for his daughter’s political career, Mr Hamah, who had once declared his intention to contest as an independent presidential candidate, said, “No comment, but only time will tell.” Mr Hamah is currently the National Secretary of the Trades Union Congress Veterans Association of Ghana. Ms Hamah, the sacked Deputy Minister for Communications, was caught on tape telling a female friend about her desire to be a dollar millionaire in office before “attacking” others. "...I understand politics very well. If I haven't made a million dollars, I wouldn't go and attack people. If you have money, then you can control people,” she had said on the leaked tape. Though several people have raised eyebrows over the minister's political objective, some political pundits say there is nothing untoward in one aspiring to be wealthy. A former New Patriotic Party (NPP) presidential aspirant, Dr. Arthur Kobina Kennedy, in an article, “The Ethics of Vickileaks” wondered why President John Mahama had, not till date, dismissed any appointee over the "Woyome" affair, nor lifted a finger against anyone involved in the malfeasance and corruption uncovered in the GYEEDA report, but was swift to sack Ms Hamah for having ambitious dreams. Dr Kennedy, who also expressed disappointment at his own party for petitioning the Chief Justice to probe the election petition verdict, using the sacked deputy minister’s gossip that suggested that Mrs Oye Lithur had influenced the Bench that sat on the Supreme Court case, opined that President Mahama's swift dismissal of Ms Hamah “defies credulity and common sense”. The Communications Director of the Hare Krishna Movement in Ghana, Jnana Chaksus Das, said Ms Hamah’s woes could be because she threatened to kill a journalist and his family with Yoga. According to him, if Ms Hamah was a true Yogi, she should have known that the privileged knowledge and power given to a Yogi was not meant to threaten or destroy people because the rule regarding those privileges was that “once you use it for evil, you should be ready for the consequences”. Chaksus Das was speaking to Adom News about the meaning of the Hindi name “Lakshmi”, which is Ms Hamah’s middle name. He said in the Hindu religion, Lakshmi was the name of the female deity in charge of money, so anyone, male or female, who was given the name Lakshmi stood the chance of becoming wealthy, provided the person lived according to the likes and dislikes of the goddess.