NPP Group Prays Towards Internal Elections

A PRAYER GROUP within the NPP in the Brong Ahafo Region has launched a prayer section for the NPP as they embark on their internal elections. According to the group, their aim is to pray for successful internal elections towards the big one in 2016. The group, led by Kwabena Yeboah, who is a staunch member of the party in the Sunyani East Constituency, is also calling on all party members in and outside the country to remember to pray for the party. Mr Yeboah who believes the party did not lose the elections in the 2012 general elections, said their slogan “The battle is the Lord’s still holds, that is why the country is going through what he called worse economic hardships.” He called on all NPP supporters to believe in God and the leadership of the party and continue to pray for the unity of the party. Mr Yeboah was speaking via phone to the DAILY GUIDE in Sunyani and called on NPP members to respect each other as the elections approaches. He advised all those vying for positions in the party to embark on a clean campaign devoid of insults because this was the time the party needed to be strong to fight a common cause. “There will be little hitches here and there as we embark on our internal elections, but we shouldn’t let that divide us,” he added. Mr Yeboah said the group would be embarking on a campaign in the region to sensitize NPP members on the need to have clean elections devoid of insult and to seek the face of God. He said he joined the NPP because of the humility on the part of some of the leaders of the party and he would continue to pray for the party to stay united to win power come 2016 to save Ghanaians from the hardships they are currently going through. About who to lead the party come 2016, he said everyone who is fit to lead the party should be allowed to go for the primaries. “The leadership should not impose anyone on the party, let’s feel free and allow democracy to work in our party and God will guide us to win the 2016 general elections,” he opined.