Lynx Entertainment Loses Credibility!

In about six years ago, when Lynx Entertainment saw the limelight and became a household name in the music industry; the thought of a young exuberant CEO, Richie Mensah and his established management was all joy for the family, friends and the public. With high expectations and hard work depicted by the Lynx Family which came along with the slogan, ‘you know the name right’, its objectives and achievements become the priority of most individual who aspired to see and hear of greater works from the record label. Lynx Entertainment then had Raz King and Enoch as its main investors as well as Mrs. Alberta Mensah, regarded as the mother of the label and Richie Mensah, CEO of the label (owners of the company). In a said written contract signed by both parties contained a till-you-want-to-back-out agreement of 25% to be paid to each investor and 50% to Lynx Entertainment of proceeds on every production. Lynx Entertainment took off with a management team which included Shushu Bimpong (General Manager), Enoch and Raz King (investors), Richie Mensah (CEO), Papa Richie (Richmond Adu-Poku) as part of Management, Rexford (friend and management) and Mrs. Alberta Mensah (Investor/ regarded as mother of the label). The label then had official signed-on artistes including Asem, O J Blaq (artiste, friend and a pioneer contributor to Lynx Entertainment’s renown), Salimi Akill (artiste and friend to the family), and later joined in by Eazzy, Ziggy, Irene Logan, Efya (only records at Lynx studio) and now, the split Ghanaian Girl Group, D3. Lo and behold, they lived to the expectations of the media and public in the years gone-by with such hit songs as ‘Frema’ (Lynx limelight song in 2007), ‘Give me blow’, ‘Fylla’, ‘School dey bee’, ‘Run Away’ featuring Irene Logan by Asem, ‘Charlewote’, ‘Target’ and ‘Gyenn’ by O J Blaq and ‘Little things’ by Efya, just a few to mention. Although hitches are a no two ways norm in the human life, Lynx Entertainment had secret in-house anomalies off the public knowing which in a way affected the label negatively when Shushu, then the General Manager was said to have scrammed away with a whooping sum of GH¢10,000 (old currency GH¢100,000,000) reason being that he was no sort of managing an NGO. After the said skirt-chasing among other allegations tagged against the investors and some key members of the family by the regarded mother of label, Mrs. Alberta Mensah upon confrontation for their share of proceeds as stated in the contract; Raz King, Enoch and Salimi Akill among other pioneer members opted out of the family with heavy-heart-aches in 2010. The actual start of Lynx woes! In 2011, Glo Ghana in an ambassadorial contract with Asem-Lynx made the first payment of the treaty which indeed brought much elation in the hearts of the Lynx family; as nature’s norm about money says ‘it is the root of all evil’, unfortunately for the joint parties, Asem-Lynx, the second payment of the treaty from Glo Ghana enhanced the petty snags going on between them publicly. Then came the alleged Asem-rape case where Lynx Entertainment really gave Asem in claiming he had already left the label before this case even that if he had been much humble would have done their possible best to have settled the issue amicably without it being a court case. Asem o! After the ‘may3wo bowlegg3’ rape mêlée, Eazzy who took up the responsibility of being the ‘I will always be by your side and shoulder to cry on’ friend calming and comforting Lynx CEO, Richie Mensah who felt at peace later saw the need to move on after being nominated to represent Ghana at the 8th Big Brother Africa show dubbed, The Chase. She was not too long followed by Ziggy and then the biggie boy lover, O J Blaq with the same reason of wanting to move on yet Lynx Entertainment always releases Press Statements about these artistes ending their contracts with the label with no personal disputes between artiste-and-label. Really?! After these made-established artistes, Asem, Eazzy, Ziggy, O J Blaq, maybe Efya and Irene Logan; Lynx Entertainment has not been able to really nurture new or even support talents. Earlier this year, music trio, Double 3 alias D3; well known as the Ghanaian Girl Group was said to have been signed on to the Lynx Entertainment. The group which was originally foundered by Esbee and MzVee and supporting member, Angela later begun to dismantle few months after their exposure as D3 when the supporting member was said to have gone to back to school. Reasonably, school is a very good excuse as one doesn’t seem to fit in the corporate realm in our motherland’s state of economy and modern trend in acquiring a job, but could that only be the reason for Angela’s exit from the singing group in the name of focusing on her studies and can someone in the said same school with the lady in question please do well to check up on her? She was later replaced and now, the newest supporting member, Adel, is also said to be currently abroad furthering her education and that has put the group’s activities on hold as purported by the CEO of Lynx Entertainment, Richie Mensah on GhOne Entertainment Television. What a lovely school-going music group is this? But if really there are no other atypical reasons as to why the group’s activities be put on hold because the last member has left to further her education abroad, what stops the original founding members of the group, Esbee and MzVee who willingly formed it from continuing the group’s aspiration than doing solo projects with ‘Harmattan’?; What haphazard and uninspiring group to have ever joined Ghana’s music industry! Richie Mensah and the Lynx Crew, what really happened to the enthusiastic and inspiring Lynx Entertainment?