My Miracles Are Free - Opambour

For close to 20 years, the Ebenezer Miracle Worship Centre in Kumasi has remained a miracle seeking point and it is obvious people would have stopped going there if they did not get the miracles they went in search for. The church’s leader, Rev. Ebenezer Opambour Adarkwah Yiadom, also known as ‘Prophet-One’ recently had an exclusive interview with NEWS-ONE in which he spoke of his life, family, fashion, church, gays and Ghana. The interview was too long to be captured in one publication. We publish the first part today in which NEWS-ONE started by asking Prophet-ONE to respond to reports that he charges GH˘100 per head before giving out his popular ‘miracle working anointing oil’ which he calls ‘dadie bi twa dadie’. You Charge Money For Miracles Never! The challenge is people do not understand the offering we give at Ebenezer Miracle Worship Centre. They go about spreading lies that people who do not have money to pay offering cannot see me. This is not true. On Mondays we have a big event and some oven sleep over in the church. We do not charge a dime for that. On Tuesdays, I personally attend to every single person who wants to see me, I do not, I have not and I would not charge any money for that. I give free counsel and ministration. On Wednesday, we give people an opportunity to give an offering to the Lord. It is a seed offering and a matter of faith and your belief in God. We give out specially sanctified anointing oil. We do not charge for the oil and we do not set conditions for people before we pray for them. No one can ever say I have charged them before praying for them. When I pray for them God works miracles in their lives, I am just His servant He uses to work miracles and they are for free. Your Accusers Have Gone Quiet Well, God is a God of victory and vindication. As for allegations, they will come but truth stands. God raise people from nowhere. When people they take interest in the allegations and follow them up, they realize it was all fake. If you keep throwing mud at someone and the mud does not stick, you get tired. If you always forge lies against someone and the truth keeps coming out, you get exposed, you feel ashamed and you back off. God has vindicated me. He used people I least expected to bring out the truth. Ministry work is like that. Sometimes, these pull-him-down allegations even come from other pastors who want to destroy you and take your congregation. But I consider such things as temptations and trials and they come from time to time and would continue until Jesus returns. But God would continue to show His strength. Why Are You Called Prophet One? I did not give myself that name. I had it from the people who God uses me to speak to. I am a prophet of God. God has opened my ears and eyes so I can hear and see things that happen in secret and what would happen in future. It also does not mean that I speak about all I see. Unless God asks me to say this or that, I just keep quiet and pray about it. There are Prophets of God and Prophets of Baal. I am a prophet of God and it is the grace of God on my life that made people give me that name. You Have A Baby Face Well, what makes people age fast is sadness and evil thoughts. I am always happy and I don’t think evil. Secondly, I fast and pray a lot. Fasting takes most of my time for several days so I don’t eat anyhow. By the time I fast and pray for my calling as a prophet, my church, the prayer requests before me, my country Ghana, our leaders, the Christian church and other matters, I would have fasted for a long time. It affects my looks. Do you have a stylist or you went to a fashion school? On no. I don’t have a stylist and I have not gone to a fashion school. What I wear can be bought by anybody from the open market but it is the way I match them that makes the difference. I have an interest in fashion because when I was younger I had no clothes to wear. I had a single trouser and just two shorts. There was a time I did not wear anything beneath my trousers for over two years. But I did not give up. So if God has given me what to wear today, I have to wear them happily to the glory of God… (TO BE CONITUNED)