K.T Hammond: I Never Shed “Crocodile Tears”…I Was Only Being “Emotional”

Former Deputy Energy Minister, Kwabena Tahir Hammond has debunked suggestions he (KT Hammond) “wept” when he appeared before the judgment debt Commission on Monday. According to him, what they perceived as “tears” was rather a display of how “emotional” he was when he was giving evidence regarding the whereabouts of US$3.5Million of US$24Million realised from the sale of a drillship in 2001. Dr. Sekou Nkrumah, youngest son of Ghana’s first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah is reported to have called on the former Deputy Minister to spare Ghanaians his “crocodile tears”. His comment follows the teary-eyed evidence session by Hon K.T. Hammond as he complained to the Commission about how bad press concerning his role in the vessel’s sale was virtually “killing his mother”. “My mother is dying because of this,” KT Hammond sniveled. Another member of the ruling National Democratic Congress, Samuel George Nettey, on Metro TV opined that KT Hammond “wept” because the evidence he gave was totally false. But speaking on Asempa FM, the former Deputy Energy Minister pointed out that because he is a man, he will never cry in such circumstances. “I wasn’t crying. I am a man, why should I cry? I was emotional and displaying one’s emotion is different from crying. I was just sad because people are failing to tell the truth about the sale of the Drill Ship. I never cried. The last time I cried was when my father died,” he said.