Girlfriend Karrueche's Emotional Visit To Chris Brown For Thanksgiving

Karrueche�s not letting her boo be alone on Turkey Day. She�s spending the day with Chris at the rehabilitation facility where he�s being treated for anger management! Karrueche Tran will make sure Chris Brown gets a proper meal Nov. 28 by visiting her man at the undisclosed rehab facility where he�s been ordered to live for three months, has Exclusively learned. Karrueche, 25, is doing everything she can to love and support Chris, 24, as he deals with his court ordered rehab sentence and his cross-country legal case. Her friends tell us she wants Chris to know she isn�t going anywhere! �She�s going to see Chris for Thanksgiving,� a source close to the fashion designer/model reveals to �She�s allowed to visit him where he is so that�s a good thing. She would hate to see him alone for the holidays. She�s making sure he doesn�t have to be.� While Chris is allowed visitors while he undergoes treatment, it�s unclear if his mother, Joyce Hawkins, will join Karrueche. �It may be too soon [to tell],� the source says. �Chris and his mom are still working things out and he doesn�t need to be provoked in any way. � He loves his mom, but sometimes, she can be too tough. She�s coming from a place of love, and Chris might not be ready. Whatever his therapist says will work, but Karrueche will see him on both holidays.�