Ghana’s Tilapia Is Safe To Eat - National Security

National Security Coordinator, Larry Gbevlo-Lartey has debunked media reports suggesting that tilapia from Ghana is unsafe to eat. “What I want to say is that this is absolutely untrue, we have not said that there is any bacteria here or that tilapia in Ghana is threatened.’’ The National Security is said to have raised an alert warning of a deadly fresh tilapia bacteria which can be found in Ghana if preventive measures are not put in place. But speaking on Eyewitness News, the National Security Coordinator expressed his disappointment in the media. ''What is the motive for putting up this story in this manner; I don't know whether this is what you people [media] are taught in journalism school.'' According to him, his agency only seeks to draw the attention of the appropriate authorities or agency about information the National Security has picked about a poisonous bacteria, Vibrio vulnificus , detected in Israel and found in fish pond water. He said Ghana has no such situation, “This is what is happening somewhere millions of miles away, and we are drawing the attention of the authorities to be alert.'' ''We have not said that there is any bacteria here, or that tilapia in Ghana is threatened in any way,'' he reiterated.