Gov’t Retrieves Millions Of Cedis From Bonded Warehouse Tax Fraud –Dr. Apaak

Millions of cedis have been retrieved by Government from companies, which defrauded the nation through operations of bonded warehouses, presidential staffer, Dr. Clement Apaak has indicated. Last month JOYNEWS broke the story about some two hundred and ninety companies which connived with customs officials to clear goods at bonded warehouses without paying duties. The companies evaded tax to the tune of 735 million Ghana Cedis but were found out by the special operations unit at the presidency. Government gave the companies up to the end of November to pay or face prosecution. Today is the deadline and the presidential staffer, Dr. Apaak, told Joy News that some companies, which were cited in the scandal have paid their duties since the story was made public. “I can tell you on authority that not only are they paying but we have the record to show that the payments that they have been making came after the story was broken”, he intimated. According to the Presidential staffer, government has so far collected an amount in excess of 10 million Ghana cedis from four out of the 209 companies, who defrauded the state. “We have not collated all the information yet, because we have to go through the system and have to look at the different companies and have to cross check how much money have come in over the period”, he stressed He therefore noted that companies, which do not meet the deadline would be prosecuted, revealing that some companies cited in the scandal had paid their duties but the money did not get to the state coffers. Dr. Apaak noted that some of the companies that were invited by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), have gone to the department with receipts, adding that the police investigative department is monitoring the trend of payments into the GCnet system. However, the Presidential staffer said the money appears to have been paid into private accounts and there is the possibility of bringing charges against some persons and entities for money laundering.