Ex-Prez Rawlings No Longer Plays Danceable Tunes

If you happen to attend any social event and want to dance the night off, would you mind dancing to a single repeated tune from the dj? It is evident your senses would have enough of the lyrics and within no time you'll give up listening to the same tune from the dj. But in the case of Ex-president Rawlings, he seems not to get weary accusing others of being corrupt and this leaves Mr. Frank Agyekum baffled. The former spokesperson for ex-president Kufour made this revelation on OKAY FM when he was called upon to talk about the incessant corrupt allegation Mr. Rawlings makes about others. According to him, Mr. Rawlings has now hit a snag with his baseless allegations and his talks about corruption were now sounding like clichés. He added that Mr. Rawlings deliberately took his family out of the equation whenever he talked about the canker but forgets most of the properties they have in their possession, raises eyebrow. He advised Mr. Rawlings to first remove the log from his eyes before attempting to remove the spec out of his neighbor’s eyes.