'We Will Comply With MOH Directives'

Tobinco Pharmaceuticals Limited on Tuesday pledged its commitment to ensuring that the recent impasse between the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) and Tobinco is resolved in the shortest possible time. Tobinco also indicated that it had instituted administrative measures to comply with the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) directives for a settlement of the impasse with the drug regulation authority, to enable the company to resume its role of providing the public with quality products. “We wish to state our acceptance to the MOH Committee’s report released on 23rd December, 2013, and we are putting in measures to work on the recommendations of the committee”, said Tobinco in a press statement signed by Mr Justice Essuman, Managing Director, and copied to the Ghana News Agency. “Tobinco would like to categorically state that we are cognizant of our responsibilities and have in the past taken steps to register our products with the FDA,” the statement said, adding that the company had also taken steps to renew the registration of its products. The company indicated that the nationwide locking up of its warehouses had affected its business negatively and that currently it even had products with valid registration locked up. It appealed to the Minister of Health to ensure the opening of the warehouses “to avoid the products running into expiry.” The statement said Tobinco also had containers of medicines and other medical devices at the port for which clearance had been denied. “The categorization of the products in the said containers include registered products with valid registration certificates, registered products undergoing renewal of registration, products pending registration and medical devices”, it added. It expressed Tobinco’s preparedness to comply with the Health Minister’s recommendation, while it cleared the other medicines to bonded warehouse pending the completion of compliance procedures.