Father Leaps To Death With 4 yr-Old Son...After Arguing With Wife

A Chinese father jumped to his death with his four-year-old son in apparent frustration at frequent arguments with his wife about how they should look after the boy. Huang Chiu grabbed the child, ran onto the roof of the seven-storey building and leapt off after reportedly saying he was going to end the matter once and for all. Medics who attended the scene confirmed that both had been killed instantly after the fall in the city of Fuzhou in Fujian province in southeast China. The problem started because the wife Shi Yu, 29, who was a successful career woman, was unable to properly look after the boy when he was ill because she was at work. She wanted her husband, who had a less high-powered job working for a logistics company, to take care of him. The couple consistently failed to agree over the matter, and having been arguing for weeks it finally came to a head after one particularly loud row. The man grabbed the boy, told his wife he was going to end the matter for good and had ran onto the roof when he jumped to his death carrying the four-year-old with him. Medics tried in vain to resuscitate both, but could only confirm that they were dead at the scene.