Corruption Did Not Start With Mahama...Kufuor Was An “Autocratic Thief” – Rawlings

Former President Jerry Rawlings has described his successor John Kufuor as an “autocratic thief”. “When people get up, they wanna create the impression to you the young ones as if the corruption started with this man, the young man, john Mahama, no, it started with Kufuor and that’s why I said Kufuor was an autocratic thief”, the former military leader told students in the Volta region where he spoke as the Guest of honour at the closing ceremony of the regional camp of the International Youth Fellowship at the Adidome Senior High School. In his latest tirade, Mr Rawlings said Mr Kufuor “stole massively” while in office between 2001 and 2008. He swore never to stop reminding Ghanaians of former President Kufuor's alleged corrupt nature as well as the manner in which he plundered state resources while in office. “People keep saying that I should keep quiet on Kufuor. The day I keep quiet on Kufuor, his image will become white-washed and he will use that stolen corrupt wealth to determine the political destiny of this country. I will not. All I have is my integrity”, he roared.