The Habit of Entrepreneurship Should Be Inculcated Into Service Personnel - Sophia Karen Ackuaku

The newly appointed Deputy Director of Operations at the National Service Secretariat (NSS) has pledged to work assiduously with her colleagues to inculcate the habit of entrepreneurship into service personnel. According to Sophia Karen Ackuaku, young graduates can create jobs for themselves by venturing into many untapped areas rather than waiting for non-existent white colour jobs. “…at the National Service we deal with the youth and one of the major problems we have now is the youth unemployment, I will encourage the youth so that they can go into entrepreneurship so that they can learn more to do things that would give them some employment rather than wait for white colour jobs or look for jobs in the offices”. The Deputy Director of Operations has revealed that there is a lot of potential in the agricultural sector that could be taken advantage of to help alleviate the unemployment situation in country. “…one can live comfortably from farming. One of the problems as a country is that we are all looking at one direction. We are not adding value to the other things we have in spite of the fact that we are blessed with a lot of rich land, with which we can do a lot of things,” she posited. Mrs. Ackuaku made these comments at a durbar in Tamale to climax a familiarization tour which took her to all ten regions of the country. She inspected the various facilities and farms of the NSS and was briefed on the challenges workers and National Service Personnel face in their operations, however, the new Deputy Director of Operations promised to chronicle the concerns and work towards addressing them. Sophia Karen Ackuaku further pledged to work with all the executives in order to achieve the goals and targets of the NSS and reiterated the need for unity, hard work and the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the workers and National Service Personnel.