Make Sanitation Issues Part Of Teachings In Churches & Mosques

The Ag. Communications Manager of Zoomlion, the biggest Waste Management Company in Ghana, Mr. Robert T.T. Coleman, has called on Pastors and Imams who deliver weekly sermons to endeavor to help change the bad attitudes of most Ghanaians by preaching seriously against indiscriminate dumping of refuse, littering of drains and gutters, open defecating etc. According ting to him, most Ghanaians go to Church on Sundays and Muslims to the Mosque on Fridays so they can take advantage to pass the message on to their congregations respectively. Speaking to UTV in an interview, he pointed out that the Bible and Quran both frown on unhygienic conditions and it is the responsibility of religious leaders to highlight on the issue. “Cleanliness, it is said, is next to godliness…thus if we want our congregation to be Godly, then we must live a clean life,” he noted. Robert Coleman further called on Churches to allocate at least 5 minutes of their time every week to educate their entire congregation on simple and good sanitation practices. “…a new year does not bring along a new environment, but a new attitude will certainly bring about a new environment,” he added.