Ken Is An Ingrate…He Used To Live Like A Church Mouse - Bryan Acheampong

If you should do a quick background check on Kennedy Agyapong from Google, your first reference introduces you to a man who personally talks about purchasing a Rolls Royce and a private jet. The first impression you form about him is ‘this dude must be super rich’; but have you ever tried to think about how he made his fortune? Well, Bryan Acheampong appears to know the inside story. Following Mr. Agyapong’s threat to destabilize Mr. Jake Obestebi Lamptey’s political future using his wealth, Mr. Acheampong, who is an aide to the latter, feels the former has now overstepped his boundary. Mr. Agyapong recently tagged Mr. Obetsebi Lamptey a thief and accused him of unlawfully using his authority to hoard motorbikes and campaign items meant for the party. Mr. Agyapong later launched a campaign to mobilize delegates to vote out the current NPP Chair. He vowed to use $20 million to make this plot materialize. But Mr. Bryan Acheampong believes Mr. Agyapong’s utterances and behavior depicts that of an ingrate who has deliberately refused to acknowledge the sacrifices of Mr. Obetsebi Lamptey. In an interview with Okay FM, Mr. Acheampong revealed that if he should expose Mr. Agyapong's past, many would be amazed how unngrateful he is. He described Mr. Agyapong as a person who once lived like a church mouse with no clout. According to him, Mr. Agyapong’s life only transformed remarkably when he became an MP on the ticket of the NPP and received offers from then president Kufour to handle juicy contracts such as the Bui damn and electrification projects. “I personally know about his past life and I would try very hard not to air it Before he became an MP on the ticket of the NPP, we know how he lived. If today he can boast of splashing $20 million to destabilize Jake’s campaign, we would also make his life unbearerable”, Mr. Acheampong vowed.