TDC Has Created Internal Refugees In Ghana - Kweku Baako

Managing Editor of the New Crusading Guide newspaper says the Tema Development Corporation’s (TDC) demolition exercise carried out last Tuesday ‘has created internal refugees’ in the country. Hundreds of people were misplaced after their houses were demolished by the TDC a few days ago. This issue has been highly condemned as some of the victims say they legally acquired the land and have documents to support their claim. Commenting on the demolition exercise, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako said the way the exercise was conducted ‘tells a lack of humanity and sensitivity’. According to him, rendering lots of people homeless and turning them into refugees in their own country paints a bad picture of ‘us’. “Having slept on your rights for such a long time, you deal with the mischief in a certain way which will even give you a high moral ground and mass support. But with the bugabuga way, it is difficult for you to sell your case. I can imagine the impression and the image we are building for ourselves when this picture is taken to a foreign country,” he said on ‘Kokrokoo’. Kweku Baako believes strongly that the exercise could have been avoided had the corporation been vigilant. According to him, once the buildings were visible, the authorities could have stopped the first person who started building instead of waiting for a lot of people to put up structures. “We are proving incapable of dealing with certain issues; what prevented them from dealing with it over the years; it is an indictment on the whole nation. It reflects a negative picture on us. We have created refugees right now and NADMO have gone to their rescue. They were provided with electricity and water which also makes the whole state guilty; we have made victims and refugees of the citizens,” he added.