'Religious' Sect Camps At Oyibi To Await Arrival Of Prophet Braham

A religious sect has camped scores of families at a remote area close to Oyibi along the Dodowa road. They are said to be awaiting the coming of a the biblical prophet, Braham. The families, mostly women have been camping there for almost three years now. They have all left their homes and work and are anticipating the coming of the said Braham. Brother of one of the elders of the religious group told XYZ News on condition of anonymity that all attempts to disband the members have failed. “According to them they are worshipping Braham not the Abraham that we know. They don’t believe in Jesus Christ and they believe they will not die. “They are camped here believing Braham will come…they are over a hundred people and they say they will stay there till Braham comes”.