Unrealistic �Ceremonial� Presidential Address

AFAG is appalled by the president�s litany of unrealistic strategies to ensure economic growth. From agriculture through education to the economy, AFAG sees no realistic framework to tackle the challenges facing the nation. The address can best be described as a make happy report. It was meant to appease the nation rather than addressing key challenges. Mr.President we must know that, due to the high cost of living, the moral fabric of the society is tearing apart. Day in and out the youths are confronted by high unemployment, cum a collapsed GYEEDA/NYEP. We are faced with the phenomenon of excessive taxation and a boost in underground (black market) economy, a lot of toll booths been mounted but roads remain to be poorly maintained or unconstructed. The rate of suicide is high. The high crime rate is unbearable. Since the President is �unrealistically ceremonial� we are not surprise that, he attributed the depreciation of the cedi against the dollar sadly, to the ending of the US Fed tapering. This is most unfortunate. The President clearly missed the point on corruption. There were lots of lip service. The president talks about patriotism, yet we continue to witness his minister�s crave for creating, looting, and sharing national resources. We of AFAG can state emphatically that the president�s address was merely rhetorical, lacked substance and absolutely non directional. Indeed we now understand why he wished the state of the nation�s address was postponed. The president lacked clarity in the oil sector. The basic question is? Why do we get poorer after Ghana�s production of crude oil. Mr.President you should get serious. It�s clear Ghanaians need a change in government come 2016.AFAG is looking forward to the second half of this year so together with all likeminded groups and stakeholders, we press forward mass action protests aimed at uniting Ghanaians for a change in government come 2016. We are convinced beyond the ordinary that John Mahama is a ceremonial president and failure bound. God save Ghana! God bless All. Sgnd AFAG leadership