President Mahama Was Full Of Humour!

PRESIDENT John Dramani Mahama has fulfilled one of his constitutional requirements by presenting the State of Nation address to the two-hundred and seventy-five (275) Members of Parliament (MPs) and by extension to the Ghanaian public. The much-talked about State of Nation address, which was postponed last week and delivered yesterday, lasted for about two-and-a-half hours interlaced with humour and laughter from the president and the MPs respectively. IF there is anything worth remembering about President Dramani Mahama�s second State of Nation address then it was his sense of humour on the day. The president was on �humour spree� from the commencement of his address to the end intermittently causing the whole House to burst into laughter. INASMUCH as we at 'Today' will not fault the president for the method he adopted to present his address, we think that the humour aspect of him was too much which took away the importance and the urgency of the event�State of Nation address. Probably, the president�s intention was to calm down nerves and the increasing tension in the country due to economic difficulties which are making life unbearable for majority of Ghanaians hence his humourous trait throughout his presentation. AND though the president�s State of Nation address touched on some critical aspects of the economy which Ghanaians were eager to hear, we on this paper would have loved to see some seriousness and commitment in his delivery by reassuring Ghanaians about the good things in store for the nation as we move on. INDEED at this critical moment what the country needs are concrete solutions to our numerous economic problems, particularly the falling cedi. That quagmire we find ourselves in calls for serious debate and prudent measures to be employed to improve regarding how to address the minded people who understand its implications and are prepared to be truthful and die a little to transform it for the better. AT this moment all other things like �humour �and �laughter� can wait while all nagging economic issues �troubling� the country are fixed to bring relief to the citizenry because it is dangerous to be pretentious when as a matter of fact life in the country is difficult.