Chairman Wontumi Sets The Records Straight

Following a report in some print, online and electronic media on my position on a decision my Party�s National Executive Committee (NEC) to re run four constituencies in the Ashanti Region, the perception has been created that I have disregarded my party. I Bernard Antwi Boasiako alias Chairman Wontumi is however surprised and worried about the twist and wishes to straighten the records as follows: That: � I have great respect and recognition for the laid down party structures right from the grass root level to the NEC and subsequently share in the believe that in arriving at the NEC decision, some recognition should have been given to the regional party in Ashanti by way of consultation on the matter, since we (the regional executive Committee) are in charge of political administration as far as the �Elephant� family is concerned. � We (the regional party) saw the NEC�s decision as not only unilateral but a �slap� in the face and a clear disregard for our authority in the region and that explains why I stated clearly that we are NOT happy with NEC and subsequently it�s the decision. � We therefore clearly disagree with the decision and the prior procedures adopted by NEC in resolving the matter. From the foregoing however and in the supreme interest of the party of our party, I wish to state that the regional party led by myself will be prepared to dialogue with NEC in resolving the matter in order to guarantee victory for the party come 2016. I also wish to state that, I will be ready to hold my fire on pubic platform and media, if the condition is not created to necessitate a corresponding defense from me, since the impression should not be created that the regional party has no authority and that it does not matter in the decision making process. Going forward I wish to suggest to the party�s NEC to as much as practicable, consult the necessary structures in the party before arriving at and pronouncing such decisions which have far reaching consequences for the party. Signed Chairman Wontumi NPP Chairman, Ashanti Region