David Dontoh Calls On Kumawood Film Makers To Go For Professional Training

Veteran actor and host of TV show "Agroo" has made a clarion call on all amateur film sundries to undergo training to activate their skills. He made this call last Thursday when was invited on the spotlight's show on TV3. When one has the talent, he must be trained to sharpen his skill in dispensating it, that is what we call professionalism, David Dontoh had opined. As for him, good movies are not determined by the language spoken but the highest sense of its delivery. The film itself has a "language", that is why we don't understand Chinese but we enjoy their movies yet in Chinese. A movie should even be understood by a deaf person when watching. It's not just the mere expressions of words but the body gestures; facial expression.etc makes the movie a reality. He again stated that the Kumawood movie-makers should not limit themselves by using poor equipment, locations, costumes and others just because it's a local movie. They should resort to making their movies in the cities and big towns using good film-making items. He did also state that Kumawood producers try to cut down cost, hence resort to use cheap labor rendering shoddy results. There are instances where Kumawood stars like Lil Wayne and Kwaku Manu are old men and in other times are school boys. It doesn't make meaning at all, if it's good works they want; two or more producers can come together and produce one good movie either than those independently bad produced ones. On a end note David Dontoh says; he is around and ready for any production but "don't bring me Ghs 200 cedis and say, this is your first time".