Some Producers Used My Ex-wife As A Ploy To Condemn Me - Agya Koo

Ghanaian actor, comedian and musician, Kofi Adu, popularly known as Agya Koo who seems to have run out of luck with many movie producers in Kumasi has disclosed his ex-wife is currently living a deplorable life as she has resorted to selling on the streets of Kasoa in Accra. Agya Koo who spoke at large about his current situation in the movie industry and his relations with his ex-wife in an interview with Charles Asare on the Angel Entertainment Show in Kumasi explained it was never an easy decision to let go his wife after eighteen years of marriage unlike Ghanaians were made to believe by a cross section of the media. “I used my wife’s name in most of my songs and she was present with me on most occasions. Why am I the only one who had a wife? She was however on almost all radio networks tarnishing my image because some producers had used her as a ploy to condemn me so I finally had to let her go.” The actor who did not relent in letting the public know the current situation of his ex-wife stated she was selling on the streets of Kasoa after been used by some producers. “At least when she was with me, she had her own car, she could drive around town freely and had her own shop but what is her state now? She is selling on the streets of Kasoa. You don’t try destroying Agya Koo and go scot free.” The actor on allegations of charging exorbitant prices and requesting for particular directors to work with also denied such allegations and threw a challenge to movie producers to openly state when he ever gave such a directive or order. Agya Koo was once the toast of many Ghanaian movie lovers until the discovery of Lilwin.