COCOBOD Mafia Still Defiant

A former staff of Cocobod, Mr. Lawrence Mensah, continues to suffer victimization at the hands of a mafia group at the state cocoa purchasing company, years after exposing their corruption deals. Mr. Lawrence Mensah was dismissed in 1983 for exposing his bosses, Mr. B.C. Okai, General Manager at the Produce Buying Company and his deputy, Ohene Dame, for diverting lorry tires, meant for cocoa evacuation in the Brong Ahafo and Ashanti Regions, for sale on the market. Mr. Mensah told The Chronicle that when one of such stolen consignments was due to be diverted for sale on the market, they intercepted the goods and blew the cover of the corrupt deal. He said the officials attempted to bribe them with huge sums of money which they took to the police station to tender in as evidence against his bosses. “They offered us money and we took the money to the Kaneshie police station and tendered the money there as exhibit,” he said. Since then, a mafia group within Cocobod had not forgiven Mr. Mensah, for his single act of saving his company and country from the naked thievery of the company’s resources. Cocobod has since blatantly refused the several orders from successive Presidents to re-instate Mr. Mensah and to pay him his benefits from the period he was wrongfully dismissed. Cocobod explains that Mr. Mensah was “found guilty of communicating to the mass media matters, relating to the Board in contravention to the boards regulations”. Mr. Mensah maintains that he cannot suffer for the good he did his company and state by exposing corruption. A letter dated as recent as 1st October, 2013, from the presidency to COCOBOD sought reasons why the company had refused to comply with previous directives to re-instate Mr. Mensah. “Reference is made to Mr. Lawrence Mensah’s letter and its related attachments which were addressed to his Excellency the President, on the above mentioned subject. The attachment suggests that several letters have been written to your office on the same issue, without any redress (copy attached for ease reference). The Petitioner is now appealing for the payment of his social security contributions and his arrears. We would, therefore, be grateful if you could re-visit the matter and respond to his request appropriately. Kindly inform this office of any action you take for the information of his Excellency the President”. Cocobod has since not shown any interest in solving the issue, giving credence to suggestions that a well instituted mafia group within the company has vowed to punish Mr. Mensah for exposing one of their own. Mensah is of the conviction that the office of the President has been misinformed about the issue and is thus seeking investigation into the case. “I do not understand why I should suffer for crime someone committed against God and mankind,” Mr. Mensah lamented. He has again petitioned President John Mahama to ensure justice in the case. Interestingly, a portion of the copy of the petition to the president which was made available to Cocobod has parts blotted out. A copy of the letter, dated 7th March 2014 which is in possession of The Chronicle bearing the stamp of Cocobod indicating receipt of the letter has portions deliberately blotted. It is unclear what purpose that would serve, but Mr. Mensah in the letter is appealing to the President to ensure that he is paid all entitlements due him for his wrongful termination.