�Stop Extending Working Life Of Retired Persons�

The Eastern Regional representative on the Council of State, Nana Kodua Kesse, has called for the abolition of extending the working years, in the form of contract, of people who have attained the retiring age. He said the high level of graduate unemployment in the country could partly be attributed to the award of contracts to retired persons. Nana Kesse explained that the number of people produced by universities was more than the number of jobs available and so anyone who attained the stipulated retiring age of 60 should not be given any extension. Regional minister visits Nana Kesse, who is also the Chief of Oyoko, near Koforidua in the Eastern Region, said this when the new Eastern Regional Minister, Mr Julius Debrah, called on him at his palace at Oyoko last Friday. He said, the job market is choked and the younger generation can only get employed when pensioners leave the system to pave way for them. He also expressed concern over the poor road network in the region, especially those in the Akyem area, and asked the new minister to assist in rehabilitating it. Public Education He said most people were not pleased with the government concerning the current state of the economy and some of its programmes and policies because the people were not being well informed and suggested to the Information Services Department to undertake a public educational programmes on the issue. He also entreated the minister to encourage municipal and district chief executives (MDCs) in the region to actively involve themselves in the public education to get information right down to the people. In his response, the regional minister acknowledged the crucial role of traditional leaders in shaping society and its development and pledged to work closely with them to realise the vision of the government.