Peace FM's Kwasi Aboagye Assaulted By Fennec's Family

It has been confirmed that Amarkie, the wedded wife of murdered artiste manager Fennec Okyere, was prevented from attending and partaking in the final funeral rites of her late husband. It seems all is not well between the widow and the family of her late husband. She was not allowed to see the corpse of her murdered husband and also prevented from taking part in his burial, memorial and thanksgiving services. Though no official reason has been given for preventing Amarkie from playing her role as a widow, reports said Fennec�s family members had said they could not guarantee the widow�s security if she dared show her face at the funeral. Though the family has not officially explained why they prevented a wedded wife from taking part in the funeral rites of her husband, a statement from Fennec�s funeral brochure accused her of abandoning Fennec while he was alive. �His greatest wish was to have a loving family of his own because of his difficult early life, but this wish was never fulfilled, as his wife left him two months after their marriage and never returned to live in the matrimonial home till he died,� a portion of Fennec�s biography noted. Interestingly, broadcast journalist Akwasi Abagye, host of the Entertainment Review on Peace FM, was assaulted by Fennec�s family members because he had raised the issue on his show. �When I got to the house, I was talking to Fennec�s mother when his elder brother, the pastor, came around and told me he was not happy with me at all (apparently for giving the widow a chance to speak on my show). �Suddenly, I was surrounded by about 50 family members who were all screaming on me, verbally assaulting me and saying all manner of things. One of them even poked a finger into my face, the finger hit my glasses but I kept my calm and I am sure they would have beaten me up if not for the younger ones who were around and restrained them,� Akwasi Aboagye told News-One. Amarkie has a young son with Fennec and the couple had not divorced prior to Fennec�s death.