Announcing Commercial Break is Unprofessional, Stop It! – KKD

“We are taking a short commercial break and we would be right back,” this is what we often hear on most Ghanaian radio and television mediums, but, the experts says in broadcasting, commercial breaks are not announced. Kwasi Kyei Darkwah, popularly known in showbiz circles as KKD once revealed on ‘Allo-Tigo’ an entertainment show on Metro TV and hosted by the defunct womanizer, Jon German, that, it is unprofessional to announce commercial break in broadcasting – television or radio. “The commercial break is part of the show, so why re-announce it every short while. It’s wrong! In broadcasting, we don’t announce commercial breaks.” KKD explained. Jon German who has over 10 years experience in broadcasting, did the honorable thing by admitting that he has never heard or read about such tenet in broadcasting. Indeed, on that day, Jon, who is used to this unprofessional proclivity, announced his commercial breaks whiles KKD was still on the show as a guest and had to lightly apologize. Jon announced his commercial break twice to the viewer whiles KKD shook his head in disappointment. “Boss the thing we say am aa…..but I will learn to change. It’s a matter of time and discipline” Jon Germane said. Till date, I watch ‘Allo-Tigo’ and still, Jon Germane announces commercial break after having been informed by a fellow broadcasting comrade to do the right thing. Veteran broadcaster, Tommy Annan Forson, who has over 30 years experience in the game, also once advised same. When Uncle Tom – as Tommy Annan Forson is fondly known, was asked why it is wrong for a broadcaster to announce commercial break and what should the broadcasters do instead, this is what he shared. “It’s because the commercial break is part of the program! It is embodied in the program so it is not necessary announcing it every short while. Broadcasters can say: we will be right back, stick and stay, stay tuned, or just show the advert or play the ad’s audio without any announcement. Any of them is acceptable!!” Tommy Annan revealed that though he knows this unprofessional practice is going on in our broadcasting circles, “currently everyone is pretending to know in the industry. If you try to correct people, they say you are too known. It’s very unfortunate how broadcasting is losing its professionalism in Ghana.” Some have even said that the rule of not announcing commercial break is an international broadcasting convention. Till date, no Ghanaian broadcasting house – be it the English or local language speaking ones, on radio and or television, stands absolved in this broadcasting gaffe. The question is, why are we – Ghanaians so impervious to change? Don’t Editors and program Managers of these stations know this convention in broadcasting? Who is to blame most – the broadcaster, editor, programs manager, National Media Commission, or the broadcasting and media training institutions? Aside answering the above questions, comes the saying that, ‘it’s not all the time that the experts are right.’ Does the reason given by the experts make sense to you? Do you agree with them? Well, share your opinion if you have any further idea on it.