Gang Rape: 2 Friends Jailed 15 Years

Two friends who conspired and raped an 18-year-old senior high school student have been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment each by the Bekwai Circuit Court. The convicts are Richard Osei, 23, and Samuel Boakye, 18. They both pleaded guilty to the charges and were sentenced accordingly. The facts available to the court, presided over by Mr Daniel Obeng, was that the complainant in the case is a second year student of Beposo Senior High School. The prosecution said that at about 8pm on April 16 the complainant boarded an urvan bus which was being driven by Richard Osei, with two other passengers on board, with Samuel Boakye acting as the driver�s mate. On reaching Nyameani, the urvan bus stopped; the driver got down, went to town and came back smelling of alcohol. After driving for another short distance, the driver stopped again, and this time Boakye got down and said he was attending to nature�s call. The prosecution said when they returned, Richard forcibly had sex with the complainant, who at that point was the only person left in the car. After that Samuel also had his turn, after which they continued with the journey. When they got to the cemetery at Pramso, they stopped the car and raped her in turns for the second time. In the process, Richard's phone fell down and the complainant took it, which she later used as evidence in court. After the second act, the prosecution said the lady got down from the car and was picked by a pastor at the roadside, who sent her to the police station. The two were arrested. After investigations, they were charged and put before the court.