Nana Addo Is Withering Away

Yours truly, came face to face with the most popular politician today, the man whose name evokes excitement in some people, whilst it annoys others, the man who many see as the next hope for this country. I have always relished the idea of meeting him and assessing him on a close range, upon his return from the United Kingdom (UK), where he went to seek the face of God and decide his political future. At the Church service for the late father of Sammy Crabbe, First Vice Chairman and former Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the NPP in Jamestown, Accra over the weekend, I had the rare privilege of coming face to face with Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and I must say the man is something else. Age is reducing the man into a monster; you cannot look at him twice. The first thought that came into my mind was, if this is the man that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is going to pitch against President, John Dramani Mahama in the 2016 elections, then the election is good as gone. They should forget 2016 and start working towards 2020, when a more capable and credible candidate could be found to lead them. They can tickle themselves to laughter and pretend that all is well and that Nana Addo is the best thing to ever happen to their party, for which reason they are not ready to look over their shoulders, but time and age is not something they can control, it has caught up with Nana Addo, they either accept it or keep living in self denial. I am just at a loss, why they will all bury their heads in the sand, including people who ought to know better. The former Chief of Staff, Kwawdo Mpiani, looked more athletic and vibrant, he will do well than Nana Addo, Alan kwawdo Kyeremanten, who is my man, honestly also looked very sick, so who is next for NPP? Maybe, Isaac osei, is their best and surest bet for another comeback. All I could see of Nana Addo at the ceremony was his head that is all that is left of the man; the more visible thing again is his round and small spectacles sitting on his nose. The man is shrinking and giving way to age, when he took his seat and the service was going on, I could not take my eyes off the man, neither could he also keep his mouth shut, I occasionally will steal a glance and wonder what could possibly be going through his mind. His mouth was opened throughout the service, it was as if his mouth was drooping and he seemed absent from what was going on, he was oblivious of his surroundings. He was sitting like a Zombie or a toy in a shop. Nobody can deny the fact that the economy is facing challenges, but the person to fix it, is not a man who will be 72 years, when he takes the oath of office in January 2017, a man who by nature’s design will be an invalid, when he swears to defend the territory of Ghana. His health will definitely fail him and that is what we are witnessing with him each passing day. He, like President, John Dramani Mahama could be considered lucky, as the economy and the general well-being of the people keep deteriorating every day, but I have said some time ago that God, does not want Nana Addo to be President. I do not think despite the hardships and lack of leadership on the part of President Mahama and his team, Ghanaians will gleefully go to the polls in 2016 and cast their votes for Nana Addo. We have never in the history of this country, since Independence voted for anybody who will not make us proud, when he appears among world leaders. Looks and age are important to Ghanaians as far as who leads them was concern. You should have seen Nana Addo at the Church Service, I was with friends, who have vowed to see the National Democratic Congress (NDC), lose the 2016 Presidential election. Not that I am surprised by their stance, because they are members of the NPP, their anger was deflated and their hopes dashed when they saw Nana Addo. They could not believe what they were seeing and to think we are in 2014, how will the man look in 2016, when Ghanaians go to the polls to elect their new leader, was the question they asked. If I get the opportunity to talk to Nana Addo, I will tell him that when the history of this country is been written, his name will have a space in the pages, no matter how short the pages are. Ghanaians will forever be thankful, for having such a wonderful, dedicated and selfless man, who has sacrificed so much to see the restoration of multi-party democracy in the country. I will tell him, journalists and media practitioners; will hold him in high esteem, for ensuring that the criminal libel law that was used in times past to stifle them was repealed. The NPP, know that apart from Joseph Boakye Dankwa, Dr. Kofi Abrefa Busia, Victor Owusu, John Agyekum Kufuor, Nana Addo, is one of the greatest leaders, they have had and will ever have. I will tell him, the 24 million Ghanaians have the right to aspire for the highest office of the land, but not all of us can be President. Some people are born leaders, whilst others are to be led. Man proposes, God disposes, he has done everything humanly possible to be President, but God had other plans for him that is why he is one of the legal luminaries we have had in this country. He should not test the anger of God, by trying so hard to be President, when it is obvious that his wish and desire cannot be achieved. The collective will of the people of Ghana overrides his selfish and wild intentions.