Ghana is suffering from bankruptcy-Prof Agbozo

Reverend Professor Immanuel A. Agbozo, Leader of Ghana Evangelical Society on Sunday said the nation is suffering from bankruptcy and corruption which has affected the economic prospects of the country. He said there is the need to stamp out corruption and bankruptcy in government and church leadership, and called for spiritual, cultural and moral change in governance and leadership for divine redemption. Speaking at a church service in Accra, Prof Agbozo said the rise in power and position of the saboteurs in the courts of politics and government, religion and culture, business and professions and public affairs has landed the nation in a state of distress. He said the domestic and foreign budget deficit and expenditure pattern and donor financial regimes are the prime causes of the economic woes of the country, adding that, the free for all approach to loans and expenditure in government and public accounts has given rise to corruption and mismanagement. Prof Agbozo said there is bankruptcy with the preaching of the truth and integrity, faith and the worship of service, adding that, the values of the Church have been sacrificed at the altar of gain and money, success and fame. He called on all to rise together as one people of God with faith, trust and hope to rescue the nation from the current state of national distress. He urged all to pray for peace and righteousness, divine mercy for progress, prosperity and stability for the country devoid of personal interest.